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How to Verify CNA Certification?

Before we proceed into CNA certification verification, let us first dwell on the basics of licensing procedure for Certified Nursing Assistants. The initial step to get a CNA certification is to sign up for a CNA training program.

The CNA training classes are available at various healthcare & teaching facilities. You can pick among the vast number of CNA training programmes offered by various institutions so long as they are authorized by the state. If you'd like to join a proper training facility, it's usually possible to have a look at your nation's Nurse Assistant Registry. They'll provide you a list of all of the licensed CNA training programmes.

On successful completion of the full licensed training hours in a state-approved CNA training facility, you'll be able to appear for the CNA certification examination. The certification exam is observed by the State Nurse Assistant Registry of any particular state and the certification is valid only within that particular state. A CNA certification exam consists of a written test and a clinical test. It is mandatory to clear both the tests to obtain a CNA certification. Only after passing both parts of the certification examinations, students can get their nursing practicing license.

The fundamental task of a CNA is to provide bedside care to patients which may be checking critical sign, monitoring medicine and also helping them with their daily activities. In case of emergencies, CNAs may also need to perform CPR on patients. Since CNAs are tasked with such critical procedures, it is essential to check whether or not they are capable and qualified to carry-out such functions. Thus, it is ensured that only practicing CNAs are registered at the state Nurse Assistant Registry. And, to be registered with the NAR, CNAs must renew their licenses every two years or so.

Now, to confirm your CNA certification you'll have to consult your State Nurse Assistant Registry and ask for it. However Nowadays, you can verify your certification by yourself in numerous states. The state Nurse Assistant Registry always has an updated list of certificated CNAs at their official website and you can confirm your certification from that. Possible employers are also found to confirm CNA certification of applicants before hiring them.

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