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Nursing Careers-Three Careers In Nursing That Bring High Pay

Nursing consists of the most amount of employees in the medical field. Within the nursing profession there are many different types of or degrees of nursing making it difficult for the nursing student to choose their best course of action. Job security and salary are the two most important factors when determining what type of career in nursing you want to pursue. These choices are based on the national statistics in regards to the demand and the pay. Proper education can ensure a higher paying nursing job in various fields. Management responsibilities are not as significant as the job of the clinic nurses in this field.

The first is the CRNA:

The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) is paid at roughly one-hundred thousand as a yearly salary. Being one of the highest paying nursing careers, a lot of schooling and training is needed as an RN before advancing to grad school and to this career field.

The CRNA will work closely with the anesthesiologist during surgery. CRNA's do not devote much time to the personal aspect of working with patients, but the technical details and surgery. The Career of an NP

Nurse Practitioners (NP) cares for patients under a licensed doctor. NP's can participate in running tests, small procedures and examination of the patient. In some states the nurse practitioner does not need a licensed physician to sign off on their work but are allowed to work independently and even write prescriptions. Bonding with patients and high income makes being an nurse practitioner a choice career.

The third is the CNS:

CNS are clinical nurse specialist involved in aspects of education, research, supervision and advocacy. This position requires that the nurse be registered and have an MSN or Master's of Science in Nursing plus certification for their specialized field of practice.

Going into a clinical speciality means additional education and training in that field. A CNS may work under an oncologist and have a certification in oncology to work with patients that have cancer. In addition to specializations and certifications in cardiology, geriatrics, pediatrics, and psychology, there are many other specializations CNS can work in. The yearly salary of a CNS in these specialization can make roughly seventy-five thousand. In addition to schooling, many other factors can play a role in overall income.

Pay rate is effected by amount of education and training. The pay scales will vary and are based on national averages.

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